Best Office Chairs Under $300 In 2022

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If you have been looking for the best office chair that will give the most bang for your buck and costs under $300, we have your best five options. I have tested around 20 chairs at this price point and have narrowed them down to the top five.

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Best $300 Office Chairs Video
5. Oline ErgoPro
4. Ticova Ergonomic Chair
3. IKEA Markus
2. Branch Task Chair
1. Clatina Mellet

Best $300 Office Chairs Video

Where to buy: Oline ErgoPro at

For those interested in an all-mesh design, this chair is a great option for the price of $299. The company likes to describe the materials and construction as premium and world-class, but that is a bit of a stretch. However, you will get some nice features for the price. The arms come with a nice three way adjustment. The tilt and recline offer an adequate range and the headrest is highly adjustable. While the seat and back aren’t extremely comfortable, I find that to be true with most mesh chairs. Overall, it is a well-rounded chair and the price seems more than fair.

Ticova Ergonomic Chair

Where to buy: Ticova at

We were able to purchase this chair for just $219 and for that price, I was pretty impressed with the product. The chair only comes with a one-year warranty, but that does seem reasonable considering the price. You simply won’t need a lot of extra coverage on such an affordable chair.

When it comes to the main components of the chair, the seat is nicely padded even if the foam isn’t premium. The back features a two-way adjustable lumbar support so that you can move it up and down the chair and in and forward and back so that it meets the curve of your back nicely. The seat back also features a mesh design and a wide recline range that allows you to lean far back and the headrest and armrests can be adjusted as needed. It is definitely another solid chair that is worth the money.

IKEA Markus Chair

Where to buy: IKEA Markus at

The Markus from Ikea is available for $249 and comes with some unique features that you won’t find in other chairs on our list. First, it comes with a great return policy that allows you to return it up to a year from the date of purchase. The chair also comes with a 10-year warranty that applies to all the components, which is a bonus that you won’t find with any other chair under $300. Ikea has definitely nailed it from a policy perspective.

Looking at the comfort and function of the chair, it does offer a deep recline that is comparable to higher-end chairs. Personally, I found lumber support to be a little intrusive, but I did enjoy the high back and ample headrest. The armrests are pretty basic and not that well padded, but they can be removed, which makes it easier to pull up to your desk for daily tasks.

Branch Task Chair

Where to buy: Branch Task at

The Branch Task Chair is available for $279 and provides another well-rounded task chair. As expected, it doesn’t come with a ton of features, but it gets the job done at an affordable price point. The padded seat is comfortable and the chair doesn’t have any hard edges, so most people will find it comfortable. While the lumbar support doesn’t do a whole lot, the seat back is fairly comfortable and comes with a nice recline range. Keep in mind that the arms are only height adjustable, so there are limited options there although the armrest padding is nice. Another selling point is that it comes with a five-year warranty on most components and a three-year warranty on the upholstery, so you can feel good about the longevity of your investment.

Clatina Mellet Chair

Where to buy: Clatina Mellet at

Our number one chair is also the least expensive and is available for just $209. The main reason I put this model at the top of the list is that it is both the most comfortable and adjustable chair I tested. It also comes with a decent warranty that offers five years of coverage on some components, three on others, and a one-year warranty on the casters.

This chair is unique because it is actually designed to be a replica of the Steelcase Leap, which is by far one of our favorite chairs. While all the components don’t offer the same quality as the Leap and the warranty isn’t as good, the overall look and functionality of the Leap is a close copy. There is a five-position tilt knob so that you can actually lock your recline angle into one of five different positions. It also features a dynamic recline feature so that if you push on the back to recline, the seat comes forward to create an ergonomic position. The arms also come with three-way adjustability and the arms caps aren’t made of hard plastic, so they are fairly comfortable. When it comes to the seat back, it offers a good level of comfort, and if you don’t like the lumbar support, it can be easily removed.

Ultimately, the comfort and quality aren’t going to be in direct comparison to the Leap. However, the fact that the chair strongly imitates the Leap, it is shocking that you can get such a high level of comfort and function for the price. In fact, I like it so much that I think it is safe to say that if you are working with a budget of $300 or under and you aren’t considering the Clatina Mellet, you are making a mistake.

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