Retro games are like fine wine, they improve with the years!

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Sega Saturn, X68000, Dreamcast, FAMIly COMputer, PC-Engine, and Megadrive… are only six of the retro systems that made the gaming world so wonderful.
Hugely beloved series like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Bomberman are born on these machines, and their popularity continues unabated. This is why is so precious to preserve this heritage; otherwise, we risk that knowledge for the new generations will be lost forever. Even among hardcore gamers, many titles of the 80s and the 90s are quite obscure; even if we can play some classics through PlayStation Store and the Nintendo eShop, unfortunately, there are some titles that are playable only in their original cartridge format.

The preservation activity is extremely important, and these days the Japanese politician Ken Akamatsu (yes, the author of Love Hina) declared that a team of experts has been assembled to keep the titles of the past playable also for future generations.
Obviously is difficult for a common person to get all the games released so far for one or more system(s), but with the Complete Guide series of books, all of us can improve our expertise to discover more and more about the roots of the gaming industry.

In the Retroverse lies the fun!

Thanks to opuses like the PC Engine Complete Guide, the Mega Drive Complete Guide with Mark III, the MSX Perfect Catalog & the Famicom Complete Guide Deluxe Book; we can [re]discover even the rarest ‘n’ greatest titles of the past without problems of space; books like these give us the opportunity to bring back to light hundreds of gems that are only waiting to be played again.

Essential to building a retro game museum in our homes; with these books [g]oldies games will never be forgotten… Providing a phenomenal fan service; even if you’re looking for a nostalgic retro experience or simply want to start a collection. Definitely consider reading all of them, and a big wonderworld of pure imagination and pixel perfection will appear before our eyes!

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